Wednesday, 6 March 2013

reasoning ?

I wont label this as informal as a diary,  but it's more a forum type, to get people's opinions,
So anyway im reading Sigmund Freud's work on dream analysis,  and he's saying intially that dreams are representations of aspects of waking life, he compares other views that say dreams are basically either of superstitious nature or manifestations that have no ultimate meaning or consequence , and I guess these ideas are still generally in place , though its the smaller minority that believe dreams are meaningless but really when people want to everything some how has association to them and their lives .but thats the core of humans.
I mean I don't intend to sound patronising but humans and their every action stems from 'me' ,for example even emotion, like rather than actually being attached to anyone, they are attatched to the way that person makes them feel .And instead of hating how a person makes you feel,  we say 'I hate them'. But then people argue that what about selflessness and rewardless acts, the way you feel for doing it, isn't that the reward.  Like in religion, people don't do certain things  because they get a moral high ground from abstaining from things like sex, drugs, drink. It makes them feel good about themselves and they like the way some people will treat them for it. Where as others weight that the benefit of getting high gives them is better than a 'moral ' high.
And with all respect either is the choice of that individual.  The point is that how much physical, spiritual or emotional presents can we assign to anything out side of ourselves?
Okay any devote friends fans help me out here, the episode where either phoebe or joey challenges the other to find a completely selfless act, and there is none.
Not ssying that the act has no value because thst person gains from it, of couse it does ! But if we could just admit we all take some pleasure in it then I judt think things would be more straight forward and we could look at major problems objectively.

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